Monday, August 21, 2017

1284: A couple of A&G packs, and an interesting realization

OK, maybe this realization will be more interesting to me than to everyone out there.  First off, I bought a couple of A&G 14 card packs on the weekend while at Wal Mart. 

While going through the packs, I did a little math in my head and did a comparison with Stadium Club.   More on that later, let's look at what I pulled first.

Pack 1:

I'm pretty sure I've seen this mentioned either on the blogs or on twitter; the fact that I pulled SPs that look off center is very off putting.  I really do like this set, and am looking to build it, but if the SPs are off the mark, then that's a little upsetting to say the least.

Reggie Jackson in an A's uniform might be the card of the set for me so far.  Kendrys Morales of the Jays does not look happy, maybe it's because his barber didn't shave his beard correctly.

For me, these are the "unusable" cards.  Not part of the set, and I don't chase the minis.  Although the "Dude" cards are interesting, they are of no value to me unless someone would like to trade for them.  I now have 3 (fisherman and conductor are the other dudes I have).   If anyone is looking for them, or the Denny Crane card (those who watched Boston Legal will know who Denny Crane is), let me know.

Pack 2:

Lance McCullers.  SP.  Off center.

Another legend in this pack, Nolan Ryan.  Would love to see him in one of the other uniforms he wore during his career.  Does anyone remember him in an Angels uniform on a card that was released after he retired?  Josh Bell seems destined to be the runner up in the NL ROY Voting this year.  He's had a bit of an up and down season, but 70+ RBI's is nothing to sneeze at in a line up that has at times struggled to score runs.

The "unusables".  Kimbrel is an A&G back.  Moustakas in the top 5 for AL home runs isn't something I would have predicted at the beginning of the year.  Neither would Justin Smoak of the Jays being in that group either.

Well, on to the realization, and the math I did.  When I looked at the cost of the cards, and the price per card of the cards that I can use, it works out to almost 50 cents per card.  That's similar to what I determined a few weeks ago was the price per card of the Stadium Club.  It made me wonder what the difference was in wanting/justifying the collection of either set.

Same price (in essence), both great sets.  I know you can't collect them all, but I may have to rethink what I collect when it comes to price....

Anyone that needs/wants the inserts, comment or emails are welcome.

Thanks for reading, Robert

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Inbound and Down #19: Blog reader Scott

Got an email recently from Scott, who has traded on Zistle and with some other bloggers.  Scott was interested in some Marlins cards that I had recently displayed on the blog and he said that he had a few cards to send my way.

Scott didn't have any problem hitting a few of my want lists...

A dozen cards from the '89 Upper Deck read like a whos who from 80's baseball.  Canseco, Gibson, Buckner, Brett, Alomar, Mattingly, Raines and Gwynn are all big name stars and I'm happy to have them all in hand, knocking 12 cards off the list.

I was also able to knock off a couple of cards from the '90 Leaf and '80 Topps want lists.  Again, no cheapies here, lots of star power.  I so wanted one of those Astros uniforms from the 70's and 80's.  Maybe one day I'll find one for myself...

I also received 8 of my '82 Topps needs, and what I found interesting was that Scott sent a bunch of the Future Stars cards.  Need them all yes, but I didn't expect to get them as the main part of a trade envelope.  Not complaining at all though, and I still recognize a few of the more notable names on the cards, such as Von Hayes, Dave Henderson (RIP) and Tom Brunansky.  The single player cards were definitely cool to get, Harold Baines and George Bell were two of the better hitters from the 80's, combining for over 4500 hits during their careers. 

Finally, Scott sent 3 cards from the endless Blue Jays list, although the "97 Pinnacle Inside card of Roger Clemens has him disguised as a Red Sox.  This might be the last season we see Jose Bautista, as he's had a hard time keeping his average above .220 and his arm in right field isn't what it once was.

Scott, thank you for the trade, the cards are appreciated.  Don't hesitate to send me another email in the future!

thanks for reading, Robert

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

1296: A whole bunch of odds and ends + the monthly card show

The majority of my July purchases weren't documented in my posts that count down how much I have left to spend in 2017.  The lack of writing didn't hamper my purchasing of cards during the month, so I sat down today and figured out just what I spent in July that I didn't document.

  1. $7 on an ebay auction that knocked off about 90 1990 Leaf  and just over 100 1989 Upper Deck cards from my want list.   That $7 included shipping.  
  2. $25 was deposited in my COMC account.
  3. $13 was spent on 2 packs of Stadium Club
  4. $20 was spent on 2 3-packs of Allen & Ginter
  5. $30 was spent on a few series 2 packs, along with a jumbo pack of stickers and the 2017 album to go with them.
So, that's 95 bucks right there that wasn't mentioned at all during July.

This past weekend was the monthly card show, and I kept it cheap at the show by spending just $35.  I bought a chunk of singles to put a dent into my Series 1 flagship want list from 2017, I also bought a few miscellaneous singles of my player PCs.

Found a few goalie mask cards at a good price, I'll have to check and see that I need them all.

Bought 4 more serial numbered cards for the SNI Hockey set.  I love the Great Outdoors card of Patrice Bergeron, as I had never seen that insert set in the past.  I also had to have the George Parros card in the upper left; it was cool for me to see him stick handling with the puck on the card instead of what hockey fans know George does best, fighting.

Finally, I walked by one dealer's table twice before I finally decided to cave in and pick up a key card from the '90 Leaf set, the Frank Thomas RC.

It's amazing to see the difference a generation makes, as Thomas looks very svelte on this card.  Now he's a very big and solid man as he approaches 50 years of age.

Well, unless I win a nice chunk of money at the lottery, it doesn't appear that I'm going to spend my entire budget this year.  I dropped just below $1300 left with 4.5 months to go.  I'm trying hard to pay off medical bills related to my cataract surgery earlier this year, so maybe next year I'll be able to spend a bit more money.

Maybe $1000 should have been the target this year...

thanks for reading, Robert

Monday, August 14, 2017

Inbound and Down #18: A Cracked Bat: Baseball Cards and a Hot Dog

It had been quite a while since I traded with Julie at the A Cracked Bat, etc etc blog.  Recently, I had the good fortune (for Julie anyhow) of pulling a few Tigers that were tradeable, and I contacted Julie to let her know I wanted to send them her way.

In that email, I did something that I've been doing quite a lot lately.  I made sure I had the correct address. 

Good thing I did.  Julie politely informed me that she moved 2 years ago(!) and was now up north, much closer to her beloved Tigers.  Over 2 years is a long time to go between card swaps, but the package that she sent me made up for the time lost (I hope hers did as well).

Let's start with some shiny cards....

Love the Aaron Sanchez gold parallel from the 2016 Update set.  Some folks have lamented their teams players being displayed in the Padres brown and gold, but Aaron looks good to me.  I've managed to obtain a couple of the Press Proof cards from past years Donruss products, but the J.A. Happ is the first from this year that I've received.  Another Dalton Pompey card also enters the fold, as the Donruss Preferred RC from 2015, #'d to 299 is now in my hands.

Another Dalton Pompey RC, this time from the 2015 Museum Collection set joins a Edwin Encarnacion card from 2015 Triple Threads.  I don't lament the Jays losing EE as much anymore since Justin Smoak has more than replaced him at first base stat wise. 

Finally, a double dose of 2015 Museum Collection Jose Bautista cards.  The copper on the left is not numbered, but the blue parallel on the right is limited to 99 cards.  I don't believe I have any copper or blue Museum Collection parallels in my collection, so these were a welcome sight as well. 

Julie mentioned in her note that she hoped that I enjoy these cards half as much as what I sent her way.  No chance of that, as I'm sure that I'll enjoy these 7 easily as much as she's enjoying her cards.

Maybe even more.

Thank you for the cards Julie, they are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Blue Jays Reorg #700: 2016 Opening Day Devon Travis

If he ever can stay healthy for an extended period of time, he'll definitely show that the Jays won the trade that saw Devon come from Detroit for Anthony Gose.  Gose has been converted to a pitcher and is in Rookie ball in Florida for the Tigers.

Devon's latest injury?  Knee cartilage surgery.  He's been out just over 2 months, and his timetable to return is by the end of August.  He's a better player all around than any of the substitutes the Jays have marched out to 2nd base during his absence (Goins, Barney, Refsnyder) and if they've gained any ground in the Wild Card race by the time he gets back, he might help them make a push for another post season birth.

The card really is true, Devon could be a future star for the Jays.  He grew up about a 30 minute drive north of where I live, in West Palm Beach, FL.  Devon then played college ball at Florida State before being drafted in the 13th rd by the Tigers in 2012. 

His first two seasons in Toronto were also injury plagued, but hitting over .300 in his limited time gave Jays fans some hope that Devon will be the answer at 2nd base for years to come.

Thanks for reading, Robert