Saturday, May 19, 2018

Feeling a little bit empty

Now, before I get into my observational post today, I just want to make the following points clear...

This is not a rant.

I am not bitching (I actually chuckled while writing that sentence).

This is merely an observation about an envelope of cards that I received on Thursday.

The envelope was my Larry Fitzgerald PC starter kit.  Yes, I know another player collection.  But I've followed Fitz since his college days at Pitt, and enjoy watching him any chance I get on Sundays.

I've been watching the Amazon Prime show All or Nothing the past few weeks; the 1st season was based on the Arizona Cardinals 2015 season.  Watching this has been really enjoyable, and it kind of spurred me towards collecting a football player, and Fitz was an easy choice...

But I digress.

What I'm getting to is this.  I've read over the past several weeks on Twitter about poor packaging and a lot of disrespect that sellers have to their customers.  I totally get that, and I've seen many reasons why people have had a right to be upset.

But here's another thing that bothered me a little bit when I opened the envelope.

There was no note inside.  Now this may seem totally insignificant to a lot of you out there, but I know when I sold cards (or other items) on ebay, I always included some kind of note thanking the buyer for their bid.  Standard practice.

Again, don't get me wrong here.  Cards were packed perfectly.  The auction was very reasonably priced ($7 shipped for 35 cards) and got to my house lightning fast (won on Sunday, received on Thursday).

Now I wouldn't go so far as to leave negative/neutral feedback here, that's not the point.  This guy has 100% feedback and a score of over 6500 which I wouldn't tarnish.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, I don't know.  But not seeing some type of acknowledgement in the envelope with the cards left me just a bit empty.

For me, a little common courtesy goes a long way.

That's just my 2 cents.

Thanks for reading, Robert

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Inbound and Down #40: Too Many Verlanders

I've had quite a few great contributors to the Serial Numbered Insanity projects; one of those would be Dennis from the Too Many Grandersons/Verlanders blog. 

Dennis surprised me by sending an unexpected bubble mailer full of serial #'d cards for the hockey project.  I actually received this last week, but am finally getting around to showing off the contents for everyone. 

I decided to start with the horizontal cards, most of them from the 2002/03 Pacific Atomic set.  What's good about these cards is that the serial numbers are easy to see; some other Pacific releases have very tiny printing (Crown Royale) and getting the magnifying glass out to see them is a bit of a pain. 

I'll be damned if I can remember UD releasing the Play Makers set back in 2001-02, but it appears that this 145 card set was serial #'d to 1250 and the final 45 cards of the set were all rookie cards.  Even if the names aren't all well known, they all will hold a place in the set.

I always loved the SP Authentic sets, even if I couldn't afford to bust any packs.  I'm excited about adding a Hall of Famer such as Teemu Selanne to the set.  Dennis sent me quite a few goalies in this package, some for the goalie mask set, but the bottom 3 cards on this scan are going right in the SNI binders.  Love the Bryzgalov mask with the tiger art, it looks fantastic!

What surprised me the most in the envelope were two serial numbered Stadium Club cards (Erik Cole and Pavol Demitra on the bottom row).  I had no idea that serial numbered cards were ever a part of any Stadium Club set.  A little research and I learned that they were "proofs" and limited to just 250 copies of each card.  Works for me!

While writing this post I noticed that the majority of the cards are from the 2000-2003 time frame.  I know that there were a lot of sets that had serial #'d cards back then (thank you Pacific), but it makes me wonder who was hoarding these cards for the better part of 15 years! 

I also had to look and see how far the SNI hockey set has come along; it's just over 25% complete as there were 310 cards on the spreadsheet before writing this post.  It really doesn't seem like that many have been scanned and posted, but the numbers don't lie.

Dennis, thank you for the cards, they are appreciated!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Try a Pack #12: 2018 Donruss Baseball

Yes, I have weakened a bit over the past couple of weeks and bought some new product.  I was very curious about Donruss baseball since I really hadn't seen any on the blogs (that I've noticed).  So while at Target on the weekend, I stopped at the card aisle and grabbed a hanger box of this years product, largely because of the "5 Exclusive Holo Green Parallels" boast on the front of the box.

I have to say that I don't mind this product.   I don't love it, but for me it's not a throwaway either.

First the base set.  It's OK.  I'd maybe rate it a 6 out of 10.  Nothing flashy here but I did find a couple of interesting things...

Two different versions of the Reggie Jackson card; I especially like the one on the right with the sleeveless uniform top.  I did a quick search on TCDB, and it appears that the one on the right is a SP.  Interesting that I found both copies in the same pack. 

Speaking of SP's, I found a couple of others.   Both of them a couple of names you might recognize...

So, that's 3 SPs in the box so far.  Makes me wonder already how short printed these cards are.

Remember when Diamond Kings were cards that featured great artistic renderings of your favorite players?   Not here.  These I would say were a big disappointment for me. 

I managed to pull 2 of the 20 Rated Rookie cards out of the box.  Devers I know, Crawford, not so much. 

I did manage to pull one teal bordered parallel #'d to 199.  I'm sure that this will fit in someone's collection.  I had no idea Clayton Kershaw was known as The Humanitarian.  I guess that tells me how far behind I am on baseball nicknames.

Now these I like.  The '84 Retro parallels look really good to me.  I would love to have the Blue Jays versions of these for myself.  I'm sure that most of these cards will fit in other people's collections rather than mine.   It was also a shame to hear about Robinson Cano and his positive test.  How big a dent does that put in his potential HOF chances down the road?

I did manage to snag one good card for myself, the Holo Green '84 Retro Andrew McCutchen card.  This goes right into the binder.  The scanner doesn't do the Holo Green any justice, as the borders have a nice shine in hand.

The other 4 guys?  I'm sure that someone out there wouldn't mind having any or all of these for their collection.  I did a quick ebay search of the Aaron Judge card, and thankfully it's not going for some astronomical price (yet) so it wouldn't be the worst thing if a Yankees fan comes calling for it, or the '84 retro version above.

I kind of like this set, it isn't anything flashy, and my luck at pulling some pretty cool cards might tempt me to go and buy another hanger box this weekend. 

But don't expect me to put together this set anytime soon. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Strike a pose

I hadn't gotten around to posting my PC additions from my last COMC order, they just sat there on my desk staring at me for the past week or so.  I'd found other topics to talk about until today, when going through the cards I came across this beauty...

I love the line on the bottom of the card "An icon of consistency".  This pose that the photographer captured on this card could be called iconic (a word that does get thrown out too often in today's vernacular), Ichiro pulling up his right sleeve while holding his bat out toward the pitcher.

It also got me to thinking; I'm sure that there are collectors out there who collect cards like this.  Batters in unusual poses, pitchers hitting/bunting, etc.   Someone with the time and money could probably put together a good collection of Ichiro in this particular pose (I'm not that someone by the way).

Would love to hear about your unique collection, poses, catches, shots, etc.   Let me know in the comments.

To continue with the PC pickups from my last COMC order, there weren't a whole lot of them to show off, just about 10 in total.

Yes, Felix Potvin is still on my collecting radar.  He still stands as my favorite Leaf goalie, and the cat mask and equipment design doesn't hurt the appeal either.  Picking up cards from his stints with the Islanders, Kings and Bruins also won't hurt as he used variations of the cat mask with those teams, much like Ed Belfour did with his famous eagle mask.

I'm sure that there's a few people out there yawning right now saying "jersey cards, boring", but for me I still get a bit of a kick when I get them.  It's even better when I can get them for a couple of bucks apiece, such as I did with these Beehive and Black Diamond cards.  The blue swatches didn't hurt the cause as well.

The final 4 cards to show off feature one Sakic card, an Ichiro parallel (less than a buck, was excited to get that card at that price!) and a pair of John Olerud cards.  Yes, I've started an Olerud PC, as his sweet swing and calm demeanor made him one of my favorite baseball players.  Cleaning up my Blue Jays PC allowed me to find about 40 doubles to get the PC started, and I grabbed a couple of cards off COMC that feature him from his time with the Mets and Mariners. 

Maybe a bat on shoulder pose could be another idea for a PC?  I've seen quite a few of those over the years...

Thanks for reading, Robert

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Getting somewhat serious about 59 Topps

So I hit the monthly card show today for the first time in a couple of months, and the first table I hit was the vintage dealer that I've hit several times in the past.

For some reason, I felt the need to knock off some more '59 Topps cards off the want list.  Alas, it's also to the point in the set where the majority of the $2 and under cards have already been purchased.  So today it was more of the 3 and 4 dollar variety cards.  Thankfully, the cards from him are always in really nice shape.

Part of the reason for having to buy more expensive cards?  Yankees and Dodgers.  Yep, picked up some of those today. 

The cards are really sharp, almost to the point where it makes you wonder if they're legit.  I love Ed Fitzgerald's giant catchers mitt, something you really don't see much anymore.

Glen Hobbie's card was the only one that I paid $1 for; as I mentioned everything else was a bit more pricey.  Vic Wertz's card was the only one that was numbered in the 500's; his is #500 in the set.  I shudder to think what the last 42 cards numbered 500 or higher that I need are going to cost me. 

$6, not bad for a couple of good pitchers on the same card

These 12 cards brought me over the 80% completion mark for the set.  I'm starting to get the same feeling that I got when putting the '64 set together; the anticipation is starting to grow as the number of cards I need grows smaller. 

I'm pretty sure when I get below 100 cards on my want list that feeling will kick up a notch...

Thanks for reading, Robert