Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kirby for 80 cents

You just never know what you'll find at a card show.  I decided to head up to the West Palm Beach card show this morning to try and knock down some more of my want lists. 

I walked into the hall, hoping to see the same dealer I saw there last month; I had scored quite a few '90 Leaf and '89 UD cards, and was hoping to get another good deal this month.

Disappointment.  I walked in and his tables were empty.

There are 20 other tables at the show, so I figured I'd take a look around.  The 2nd table inside the door looked intriguing, as it had dime boxes.  So I sat down and started digging.

20 Heritage singles from '17:

A couple of '80 Topps cards

My 1981 want list saw 7 cards removed

Finally, I pulled 23 1982 Topps cards, with a few decent names mixed in.

So, there's $5.20 so far.  I didn't find anything else I wanted in the dime boxes, so I looked at the rest of his table.  Looking for something to maybe get me closer to $10.

I found this card.

Kirby Puckett RC.  I'm putting the 1985 Topps set together, I needed this card, so I figured it would round out my purchase nicely.

I handed the dealer the cards, he asked me what I had and I rang it off for him.  32 dime box cards, 20 Heritage singles and the Puckett RC.

I pulled a $20 bill out of my wallet expecting maybe 5 or 6 bucks in change.

The dealer says to me, "Six bucks".   Two months in a row, I find a great deal at the WPB show.   I did a lap of the other tables, but just couldn't bring myself to take a good look.  I joked to my wife when I got home that I probably spent more on gas getting there and back than I did at the show itself.

Eighty cents for a Kirby Puckett '85 Topps RC.  


Thanks for reading, Robert

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Inbound and Down #34: @NHLCardSale

I actually follow quite a few card sellers on twitter.  Most of them end up finding me, either because of the blog, or because one of you follow me on twitter and the seller follows me through your want list.   You get it...

I finally decided to take a splash when I spotted Kenny who runs the @NHLCardSale handle. He posted that he had a few Felix Potvin cards for $8, and since I hadn't added anything to my Felix PC in quite a while, I told him that they were sold.

A pair of jersey cards and a serial #'d card from Pacific Atomic in all their purple and black splendor.  I love how well the Purple on Felix's mask shows on the cards.

A couple of base cards round out the 5 cards for the Potvin PC.  I especially love the vintage style Leafs jersey that is on the 2013-14 Fleer Showcase card on the right.

I spent just over $20 in total with Kenny, so he threw in free shipping and a bunch of Leafs base cards.  The scary thing is, it's as if he could see a want list that I haven't even finished yet, because all the cards that he sent were ones that I needed.  Love the Retro OPC's on the bottom of Polak and Devereaux. 

I also hadn't seen any of Upper Deck Portfolio before this envelope came as well, and I really like the look of the set with the dark brown borders.  I may have to try and pick some more of that up in the future.

I like the look of the Monochromatic jersey cards from SPx. I decided to add a few of these to my trade bait.  There's a Nazem Kadri version for the Leaf lover in me that I'm going to have to find.  I'm sure that the blue will look great in my collection.

Thank you Kenny for the great cards, they are appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


For the longest time while attending card shows, it seemed as if I was going for cards/dealers that were selling cards for dollar/two dollar amounts.  I knocked a lot of cards off of my older set want lists, but there were times I came home with a bit of an empty feeling.  I'd spend 50-60 bucks, and end up with 20-30 cards. 

Last month was some great success in nickel boxes, this month was cards that cost a quarter.

I showed 10 cards last night from 1968-1970, and there's a bunch more I have to show today. 

All for 25 cents.

7 cards from the '79 Topps set.  If there is one card from my youth that is instantly recognizable, it's the 79T Goose Gossage card.  I pulled so many of those out of packs back in the day (all sadly gone), but that off balance follow through photo is stuck vividly in my head.

Three nice clean checklists for a quarter are a good find in my opinion.   Still a very long way to go to finish this set though.

Not much from the '78 set, but 3 decent star names and another clean checklist.   A dollar's worth of quarters.

Bits and pieces from 80, 81, 82 and 85.  Another Nolan Ryan card, I think that's the 3rd straight month I've brought home from a card show.  I also got some joy out of seeing a future stars card of Dan Quisenberry of the Royals. 

But, the big find for me at the show is the next couple of groups of cards.

First, 18 '72 Topps cards, each for a quarter.  I made one mistake, picking up the Royals rookie stars card when I already had it, but still this is a nice, unexpected dent to make in this set from quarter boxes.  Robert Barone's favorite player is a part of the '72 set as well, and he is pictured above. 

27 cards from my '74 Topps want list round out the group.  I managed to pull a couple of cards of players that became managers later on in their careers (Gaston and Alou), another who was a long time pitching coach (Stottlemyre), and another who was a long time broadcaster (Hutton).   Seeing Al Oliver's card made me do a Google search on his, and I found this website.  It was a very interesting read, and I learned something I didn't know about Al, that his father passed away the day he was called up to the majors. 

I just may hit the West Palm Beach show this weekend.   Gotta see if I can keep my run of card show frugality going...

Thanks for reading, Robert

Monday, January 15, 2018

Some postal woe, and a little bit from the show

I've been blogging for almost 6.5 years now, and have shipped cards for a couple of years more on top of that.  I've never really had much to grouse about when it comes to the post office and the service that they've provided me over the years.

Until now.

I work in the package delivery business, and have been doing so for almost 19 years.  I've seen what happens to packages at times.  I know that they get lost, or barcodes rip/tear/get destroyed.   Believe me, I get it.   But seeing what I've seen with a package I'm expecting is just a little crazy.

My package leaves Philadelphia, PA, and gets to West Palm Beach, FL (about 1130 miles) in 22 hours.  Not bad at all.  The West Palm Beach postal sorting plant is about 50 miles from my house, but is not my local plant. 

The package then goes from West Palm to Opa Locka, FL.  A little over 60 miles, the journey takes 2 hours, which is not bad since the scans show the package moving during the morning rush on the 11th.  That's Thursday.

The package doesn't move for 4 days.  Nothing.   Opa Locka is 30 miles from my house.  I get notice today that the package is now in transit again.  On a federal holiday.   I can't wait to see what kind of scan happens tomorrow....

OK...rant over.  On to some card show goodness.

I went el cheapo again this month.  Only spent $20.   At one table.   I dug through several quarter boxes and made a dent into some want lists.

These were the only 3 60's cards left in the boxes.  Thankfully, I needed them all and at a quarter apiece, I was pleased at the condition.

A trio of catchers, love the big catchers mitts!

I'm making this a quick post for tonight and finishing up with 7 cards from the '70 Topps set, which is a set that I never started out intending to build, but as I've gone along I've found some good deals at shows on singles (such as these at a quarter apiece).  So much so that I now have over 200 cards towards the set.  Not bad for never planning to put the set together...

Tomorrow I'll finish up the show post with some cards from 72, 74, 78 and 79 Topps.   Maybe I'll even have an update on the travels of my package.

For all I know it could be headed to Cuba....

Thanks for reading, Robert

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Knocking down the want list a bit

In my quest during the first 90 days of the year to stay away from new product, my goal is to try and win some lots on ebay to put a dent in the larger want lists from the early 80's that I now possess.

I found a couple of 100 card lots from a seller who combined shipping (getting 200 cards shipped for $3.99 these days is good), and I had some fun going through a bunch of cards from the '81 and '85 Topps sets.

Gary Woods had been traded to the Astros by the Jays in December of '78, and had played in 19 games for Houston in 1980, but it appears that Topps still needed to airbrush a helmet onto his head. 

I would not be upset in the least to see the Padres bring back the yellow and brown uniforms that they wore back then.   I had forgotten about the 'locked' SD version of the yellow jersey, but no matter.  They still look great, bring them back San Diego!

The photo might be blurry, but you get the idea.  "Who needs a hat to pitch?" says John Pacella of the Mets. 

Seeing this Glenn Borgmann card made me wonder about the uniforms with the collar that the White Sox sported.  I had thought that they had already made the move to these....

by the time that the '81 season had rolled around.  While the black and white uniforms had that quaint old school feel, I preferred the brighter and more colorful version that Julio Cruz is sporting here on his '85 Topps card.

I had forgotten that the '85 Topps set contained the US Olympic Baseball team members.  It was a surprise to see a half dozen of them in the lot.  The only one of these 6 that I remember is Scott Bankhead, who had a 10 year big league career with 5 teams.  Of course seeing these sent me the reminder that I will eventually have to look for the Mark McGwire USA baseball card, and hopefully not pay too much for it.

I did fairly well with the lots overall, with a little over 20 doubles from the 200 cards.  Not a big deal, as I can use them for traders later on. 

Thanks for reading, Robert